About Indepth Technical


Indepth Technical is an Irish based technical diving company who specialists in teaching all levels of Technical diving from Nitrox to Trimix using both open circuit and close circuit rebreathers. Indepth Technical was set up in 2008 by Barry McGill, to provide world class technical diving tuition in Ireland. Indepth technical also provide underwater photography and videography services using our in-house team of commercially qualified dive team.

Barry McGill is an avid technical diving instructor and active deep wreck explorer and photographer. Over the past number of years, Barry has observed how important the core principles of his initial technical diving training have become the corner stone of his diving. These core principles have become the force behind his diving and imparting these   has become his aspiration and obsession.


Barry first became interested in wreck diving when reading a book on the S.S. Laurentic – The Gold Bullion Ship that lies just off his native Donegal. Since his first adventure on this classic wreck, his passion for exploration and wreck diving has been fueled by the vast marine history that surrounds the Irish coastline.

Exploring famous shipwrecks such as the R.M.S. Justicia and H.M.S. Audacious left a major impression on Barry, which helped develop his desire to photograph and document shipwrecks.

Barry has been part of several expeditions exploring the wrecks off the coast of Ireland including the discovery of the H.M.S. Curacao in 125 metres and the White Star Liner Carinthia in 116 metres. He has also photographs many un-photographed shipwrecks including H.M.S. Viknor and H.M.S. D6. He has also been part of a number of expeditions to the R.M.S. Lusitania and many other classic and virgin shipwrecks.


Barry was a member of the 2nd Deep Wreck Mysteries Series, which was aired on ITV and the History Channel in 2009. He was the stills photographer for both the “Death of a Battleship” and “Collision Course”

If you enroll on a course, your aim should be to learn and demonstrate what you have learned and already know, and build upon your existing dive skills, if you do not meet our standards, or demonstrate unsafe attitude to diving you will not pass at that time, you will be given a course of remedial skills to learn or re-learn and be re-evaluated at a later date. In-depth technical will only certify a diver upon demonstration of safe and sound diving practices. This may seem harsh, but it’s your safety that we are looking at, we are not a numbers through the door training facility, we are proud of the divers that we train. After your course, Barry hopes to have imparted the skills and core principles required to become a proficient technical diver…